The OBSERVATORIO DE COLIBRÍES is a special place for those who like to enjoy the marvels that nature offers us.


Ever since we set foot in the region, particularly on “La Muchareja”, we noticed how these marvelous winged beings fleetingly visited the gardens to imbibe the nectar of the few existing flowers.


Since then, concerned for the preservation of the habitat of these winged jewels, we began to plant a great variety of trees and flowers wishing and hoping to attract a larger amount of hummingbirds, contributing in this way toward their perpetuation.


Throughout the gardens and forests, we have placed hummingbird feeders, thus allowing more hummingbird families to come and find refuge.  In this way we augment their possibilities for survival.  Here, they can escape the contamination of nearby crops and the de-forestation produced by man.


This project has been meticulous in so far as care, dedication, adventure, curiosity and much joy. 

 Five months went by from the day we put up Feeder number one, to the time when some of these iridescent felt comfortable and safe in our gardens. Since then, these incredible and minute rainbow children have found a safe refuge and a source of nourishment for their sustenance and reproduction here in the OBSERVATORIO DE COLIBRÍES.



                                                                    OBSERVATORIO DE COLIBRIES - Bogotá Colombia La Calera


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