Frequent questions


¿How much is the entry cost?


Entry fee: $25.000 pesos per person 2020


¿What are the methods of payment?

In the OBSERVATORIO DE COLIBRÍES  we only receive cash for entry fee. For any of the available plans that are more than $25.000 pesos, payment must be made in advance by depositing in a bank account given upon reservation, PayPal  and Payu.




You can visit OBSERVATORIO DE COLIBRÍES in the following schedule: OPEN Tuesday

 through Saturday from 09.00h to 16.00h. CLOSED Sundays and Mondays.

REMEMBER You must booked  previously so we can make the reservation. Only those with reservation will be allowed in. 


¿Where are we located?


The  OBSERVATORIO DE COLIBRÍES located in the door to South America, only 11.1 miles from Bogotá, the Capitol city of Colombia, in the vereda Frailejonal within the Calera Municipality in a completely rural zone with a low population density where you will still find typical campesino farmlands and houses.


¿How do I get there?


From Bogotá, on 83rd street and 7th avenue you take the road via La Calera for 6.8 miles (11kilometers) on the paved road. After crossing the Teusacá river, take a right at the Salitre School (Escuela Salitre). See map. Once you make a reservation to visit the hummingbird Observatory we will send you a detailed map. If you are coming from Sopo, you take the inter-municipal via La Calera. You drive by the town and stay on the via to Bogotá and after going by the San Rafael water reservoir 1 kilometer at the speed bump you take a left to escuela el Salitre. (see map)


¿What should I take?


A waterproof Poncho, Parka or RaincoatUmbrellaRubber bootsComfortable walking shoesJacket, ruana, scarf or shall Hat and glovesThermal clothes for nighttimeCamera and photo equipment Binoculars


¿What is our temperature and altitude?


Colombia is situated on the equatorial line in the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) with marked geographic variations and diverse weather patterns. The  finds OBSERVATORIO DE COLIBRÍES situated in a very privileged area imbued with the revitalizing mountainous energy at 9,850 ft. above sea level, denominated the High Andean Forest or cold weather zone. This characteristic allows the weather to go from sunny to rainy many times a day. In this high precipitation zone you are immersed and surrounded by always-lush scenery in a hundred hues of green where the fog sometimes will surprisingly slide down the mountain. Sometimes during the year there are strong winds where the temperature fluctuates between 45 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 35 to 40 F at night.


¿How’s the transportation?


If you are in your car, the OBSERVATORIO DE COLIBRÍES has a big uncovered parking area.-If you need transportation we can suggest secure service provided by recommended providers.-The Dorado Airport is an hour and a half away from the Hummingbird Observatory. We can coordinate pick up and drop off transportation to and from the airport for arrival and departure. Please contact us previously for this service.-There is also public transportation with a limited schedule, 3 times a day.


¿How many guests can you accommodate?


In the  OBSERVATORIO DE COLIBRÍES can accommodate up to 8 guests in 3 double sized beds and 2 twin bed. Please let us know your needs so we may be able to offer the best service within our possibilities.


¿Is there food and beverage service?


At this time we do not have a restaurant or cafeteria. For our lodgers we have  of B&B service, Includes lodging and breakfast Daily Menu (vegetarian option), reservation required Self service. Guests bring their own food and are responsible for their meal preparation and cleanup, with access to a fully equipped kitchen, sharing the dishware and refrigerator.


¿Is the water safe to drink?


The water in the OBSERVATORIO DE COLIBRÍES is previously filter.


¿Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco?


In the OBSERVATORIO DE COLIBRÍES our most important elixir is living with Nature. Therefore alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and substances do not resonate with the energy of our space and we request that you abstain from bringing them here. At the same time a good wine to accompany a good meal will always be opportune. In consideration with guests who might wish to smoke, we have especially designated areas for them to do so.


¿Are there mosquitos and insects?


There are no mosquitos. We have a variety of beetles and butterflies that do not represent any danger. In the gardens and the forests you might find centipedes and worms that should not create concern. Also in the gardens you might find frogs and lizards. And sometimes during the year there are pollinating bees.