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Painting and 

hummers 3D


This 2 hour workshop takes place after visitors have spent time with Hummingbirds in their natural habitat.  Art materials are available for each person to express himself or herself.


Ideal for those who want to complement their visit to the Observatorio de Colibríes with a full colored activity, in an environment that invites you to explore your personal creativity.


Given by an artist with expressive art experience for both young & old.


Cost: $60.000 pesos each Includes: Entry, Parking, Hot Beverage, Workshop and Materials.


To make a reservation before your visit please fill the application.


Contact us to confirm availability.






This activity is a class that includes an hour of theory and an hour of practice in the Observatorio de Colibríes Gardens.  A professional photographer will guide you so your photos can capture the best of your visit to the Observatorio and leave with a good register, not only of the Hummingbirds and the many beautiful views, but the numerous nooks and corners of place.


All you need is a camera, any camera.


No professional knowledge is required.


Cost depends on the number of participants


Includes: Entry to the Observatory, Parking, Hot Beverage & Workshop







This activity is an hour and a half long.


This is a journey that takes the participants on an exploration of the Hummingbirds power animal characteristics, within a framework of mythology and cosmology that is based on different myths and legends that been woven around these mysterious birds.


The participants will be guided to discover their own meanings by vivid personal experience of the bursts and flutters of the Hummingbirds wings.


Only a curious spirit is required for this activity.


Cost: $60.000 per person with a minimum of 6 participants.


Includes: Entry, Parking, Hot Beverage, Workshop and Materials



We offer different workshops for you to experiment at the OBSERVATORIO DE COLIBRÍES with art materials representing the hummingbirds, or directed to take up photography , or know the myths and legends of hummingbirds. (only for groups) 

Limited availability

BooKed when registering your visit , contact us


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